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80's techno remix 80's techno remix

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Yeah you're right, lol.

Weird, maybe we got the sound files from the same place and had a similar idea when making our music for the Flash. <_< Seriously though, that's weirddddddd, lol. Nice music though, very calming after a long stressful day of being a psychiatrist and dealing with life in general. :P

SauceBlack responds:

haha such is life my friend.
I havent been on Ng for a couple years holy shit.

soljuh boy remicks soljuh boy remicks

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even if you tried, trying implies failure and that's what happened

DjPluto responds:

naw man u jus a busta
fukin cracker rasist is wat u are if u dunt like den dont com all up in her tryin 2 piss me off cus it aint gno hapen man jus like i sed

One Winged Angel Gameboy One Winged Angel Gameboy

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It's great! The vocals are actually pretty good.

Nice job. I love FF7. cool